Paying It Forward

“Money Sunday”, it’s never anybody’s favorite week to go to church.  Nobody likes that uncomfortable feeling when the offering plate gets passed from hand to hand down the row, heading towards you.  You think, “How much do I have to put in?” or “I don’t have any cash on me, but people are going to think I’m not a good Christian if I don’t give!”  We all know that churches rely on the congregation’s generosity to function, so we acknowledge the reality that “Money Sundays” must exist; we just don’t want to have to sit through those sermons.  HCC just had one of its “Money Sundays” yesterday.  Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a post about how you have to give to the church because God said so or any other type of preaching in that regard.  In fact, this is kind of the opposite.  This is about the church giving us money.

This past “Money Sunday” at HCC started out with the pastor talking about how much progress we had made in the current capital campaign and how far we had to go.  You kind of got the feeling that people started to think “Oh no, not this week!”  But then as the sermon drew to a close, our pastor informed us that an anonymous couple who attends HCC felt led to bless others, so they donated $10,000 between HCC and Paseo Baptist, an inner-city church in Kansas City, Missouri.  This gift came with the instructions to hand the money out to their respective congregations in sealed envelopes of $1, $5, $10, $20, and $50 denominations, along with three “rules” for the audience:  1 – we can’t keep the money for ourselves; 2 – we can’t give it back to the church; 3 – we have to post our stories of how we blessed others with the money.  When they sent the basket down the rows, each person was to grab an envelope.  We had no idea how much money the envelopes held.  The funny thing about this is that even knowing that I would give this money away, I still hoped to get an envelope with a fifty dollar bill.  I was slightly disappointed to see that my envelope did not contain a $50, but even that didn’t last when I pulled out a $20.  I’ve been excited over the possibilities since then.  Nanette and I immediately decided that we would each match that figure, so that got us up to $60.  RJ and Garrett opted to go in $10 each to match the original $20, raising our total to $80 with which to bless others.  We still do not know how the money will be used or to whom it will go; we plan on praying about this to ask where God wants this money to go.  One thing that we do know is that, no matter where this money goes, we will get great joy from the opportunity to bless others in their times of need, and we are extremely grateful to the family that made this possible.

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2 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. Perrin Brown

    Thank you for giving me something to read while I patiently wait for your wife’s next blog. Just kidding, nice job brother!

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